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If you are interested in buying or renting a home or condo in a golf or country club community, we offer an unmatched collection of Golf Home Listings while enabling you to connect directly to the listing agent.

Simply search the site by state, city and golf community and find your perfect golf course home on GolfHomeListings.com and easily connect with the listing agent by phone or email. You’ll find their contact information on the property page. 

We exclusively advertise the golf home listings of Real Estate Professionals on GolfHomeListings.com.
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GolfHomeListings.com was recently acquired by Internet Holdings, LLC and is now part of their exclusive Real Estate Network. The Internet Holdings Group golf related real estate websites include LuxuryCountryClubs.com, LuxuryGatedCommunities.com among others. 


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In all the years that I have been marketing golf real estate, I have yet to find a company that does a better job in adding value for golf home buyers and real estate professionals than the Internet Holdings Group. In terms of providing useful golf community and lifestyle information and connecting buyers to the right real estate professional they are second to none. I look forward to the re-launch of GolfHomeListings.com under their brand and working with them to take the site to the next level.



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